Mobile Hotspot

Unlimited Internet
Data Plans

Unlimited Internet Data provided brings internet to your rural home or business, without the extra fees.

Mobile Hotspot

At Home or on
the Go

Work or Play - Take your Internet with you. One plan for at home and while you Adventure.

Mobile Hotspot

Rural and hard to Reach Internet Plans
That Fit You

We pride ourselves with customer service. Talk to a live friendly Account Manger Without a "Hard Sell"

Fast 4G Lte Internet Speeds. No More Dial up!
Multiple carriers choose the best fit for you.
Exclusive internet service provider plans with unlimited data are not available in stores. Only Here!

Unlimited Plan Changes

New Unlimited plans are almost here. We have temporaraly placed new line activations on hold at this time until these plans have been finalized. Please check back or follow us on facebook to hear about release news.

Key Points

No Equipment Lease
No Activation Fees
No Membership Fees
  • Streaming Fast 4g LTE data speeds within coverage area
  • Un-throttled - Unlimited "without end" data
  • No Contracts
  • No Credit Checks
  • Month to Month service stop or cancel when needed
  • Mobile - Nationwide Cellular coverage
  • Easy setup and access from the box
  • Perfect for Traveling, Camping, Working on the road as well as home!

Unlimited WIFI Hotspots and Routers with Unlimited data.

Unlimited data doesn't have to be expensive. With Adventure Wireless and our partners,
you can get blazing fast internet access.

Internet 101

The ?Serious? Truth

We Do Not Throttle-
Beware Most other Providers do!

Router Unboxing

Let us help you choose the right plan and device.

Take advantage of our knowledgeable staff. Let’s face it, with the all the phrases and terms, it’s a challenge weeding through all the technology to get the right information.