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Our line of modems are about the size of a small paperback book. You can put the modem on your desk or set it on a shelf. Wireless internet modems offer built-in Wi-Fi router and an Ethernet port, which make connectivity to the Internet a breeze, just plug the modem into your power outlet and use the internet. It is that simple. The first 4GLTE wireless modem is a tabletop modem that offers an Ethernet port for hard line computer connectivity. This modem also offers Wi-Fi N and allows up to 32 wireless devices to connect to the internet. Need more signal no problem! This modem also offers two external antenna ports to enhance your internet signal in harder to reach areas, also stabilizing a weaker connection. Developed with the customer in mind, our newest modem offers an LTE Cat 4 chipset with access to the 700 MHz band for deeper signal penetration, also this modem has ultra-fast boot up and restore time and it is easily to configure and troubleshoot. We have made getting on the internet affordable and fun with the Hub Modem.
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Home Router

High performance wide band log periodic antenna designed to operate from 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700 MHz. This Wideband design eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency. This simplifies installations since the same antenna can be used for a wide array of wireless applications where wide coverage is desired. The antennais ideal for Distributed Antenna Systems, DAS. A DAS system is used to distribute Cellular and WiFi signals throughout a building or area. The broadband characteristics of the antenna enable it to operate over a very wide frequency range. This antenna features 9/10 dBi of gain and a 56%/45% vertical beam width. An adapter to connect coaxial cable to the back of the router antenna port will be included. 58 ohm to 75 ohm coaxial is recommended. View tunning directions and video under the FAQ's Technical section at Tuning for best antenna booster performance is essential.
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